Turbo Upgrade Kit Fits NISMO Nissan GT-R R35 VR38DETT IHI RHF55 VN32 VN33

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Item Name
MAMBA Heavy Duty Turbo Upgrade Kit (CW + TW + Repair Kit) Fits NISMO Nissan GT-R VR38DETT IHI RHF55 VN32 VN33

Product Situation
Brand New

Bolt-on upgraded & replacement

Fits Nissan VR38DETT GT-R R35 NISMO IHI RHF55 VN32 VN33 Turbo.

This feathered MAMBA heavy duty CHRA goes with 6+6 LEP designed billet wheel, D5 (5+5) turbine wheel and heavy duty thrust bearing kit that will make your turbo spool fast, lower back pressure at high rpm to sport higher top end and higher boost. That is the one you need once you plan to replace new CHRA or upgrade your turbo without machining job.

Compressor wheel: 46.5/60.0/6+6 Blade/LEP performance design

Turbine wheel: 46.7/53.0/RHF55/D5 (5+5 Blade)

Kit Includes
1 x 6+6 2618 Billet Wheel

1 x D5 (5+5) turbine shaft wheel

1 x Heavy duty repair kit

Everything shown on picture is included.

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