MAMBA Inconel Turbo Ball Bearing Repair Kit For Garrett GT25R GT28R GT30R forward

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006- 0023
Item Name
MAMBA Inconel Garrett GT25R GT28R GT30R Turbo Ball Bearing Repair Kit
(Inconel Metal Cage / Temperature 600)
Product Situation
Brand New

Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
This high Performance ball bearing cartridge goes with nickel metal cage which could stand max 600 to replace normal one with peek GF cage which would stand max 300.
MAMBA & Garrett Gen I II GT25R, GT28R, GT29R, GT30R, Ball Bearing Turbocharger.
HKS 2510, 2530, 2535, 2540, 2835, 3037, …Ball bearing turbo made by Garrett
Please order P/N: 006-0023-GT35R if your turbo is Forward GT35R/HKS 3540 with different heat shield and shaft nut.
Kit Includes
1 x Full Ball Bearing Assembly
Everything shown on first picture is included.
Made By
Assembled By NTN (Designed by MAMBATEK)

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