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TiAL 38/40/41mm F38 F40 F41 External Wastegate Spring Set (4 Small + 4 Large)

Item No.: 054-0049
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Product Information

054- 0049
Item Name
TiAL 38/40/41mm F38 F40 F41 External Wastegate Spring Set (8 Spring)
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.

Fit & replace factory TiAL external wastegate spring
-0.25Bar / 3.6Psi Small Yellow (φ3.4mm x ID 40.5mm x H 87.3mm x 8N)
-0.4Bar / 5.8Psi Small Red (φ3.5mm x ID 40.5mm x H 82mm x 5.9N)
-0.5Bar / 7.3Psi Small Green (φ4.0mm x ID 40.6mm x H 86.5mm x 7N)
-0.6Bar / 8.7Psi Small Blue (φ3.5mm x ID 40.5mm x H 104.5mm x 6.2N)
-0.7Bar / 10.2Psi Large Yellow (φ4.3mm x ID 50.0mm x H 117mm x 6.5N)
-0.8Bar / 11.6Psi Large Red (φ4.3mm x ID 50.3mm x H 120mm x 6N)
-0.9Bar / 13Psi Large Green (φ4.5mm x ID 50.5mm x H 122mm x 6.3N)
-1.0Bar / 14.5Psi Large Blue (φ4.5mm x ID 50mm x H 132mm x 6.5N)

Kit Includes
1 x Small Yellow Spring
1 x Small Red Spring
1 x Small Green Spring
1 x Small Blue Spring
1 x Large Yellow Spring
1 x Large Red Spring
1 x Large Green Spring
1 x Large Blue Spring
Everything shown on first picture is included.

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