Heavy Duty Turbo Repair Kit / Reverse BMW N20 Mitsubishi TD04LR TD04LR6-04HR TW

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Product Information

015- 0079A
Item Name
MAMBA Reverse Heavy Duty Turbo Repair Kit / Mitsubishi TD04LR TD04HLR / Dual oil holes / Super Back
Product Situation
Brand New
Performance Thrust Bearing kit with steel thrust bearing (Dual oil holes), big thrust collar, big spacer.

All Reverse TD04LR/TD04HLR turbo with super back compressor wheel.
03~09 Dodge Neon SRT-4 TD04LR Turbo
03~09 Chrysler PT Cruiser TD04LR Turbo
BMW N20 TD04LR/TD04LR6-04HR*15TK31 Turbo
BMW B48 TD04LR/TD04LR6W-04HR*13HE1T11 49477-02457 Turbo
VW Atlas 2.0 TSI / VR6 TSI with TD04HL4R-15D15WDTf / 03H145701F / 49577-00115 Turbo
NOTE: NOT FOR FLAT BACK WHEEL TURBO NOR STANDARD ROTATION TURBO.  Please check the compressor wheel back before ordering this kit.

Kit Includes
1 x Repair kit
Everything shown on first picture is included.

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