Heavy Duty 9-6 VOLVO S70 V70 TD04HLX-21TK Straight Turbo 400HP

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Item Name
MAMBA 9-6 VOLVO TD04HLX-21TK-7 Heavy Duty Straight Turbocharger (400HP)
Product Situation
Brand New In Box
Complete CHRA balanced by SCHENCK MBRS110 Germany.
HP Support: 350~400HP
Bolt-On upgrade turbo for VOLVO 850/S60/S70/V70/XC70/C70/T5-R B5234/T3/T4/T6, B5254T/T2, N2P20FT,N2P20LT, N2P23FT, N2P23HT, N2P25LT with factory TD04HL-13G/15G/16T/18T & Straight turbine housing.
Replace & Upgrade factory turbo #: 49189-01310, 49189-01320 (TD04HL-15G), 49189-01330, 49189-01335, 49189-01350, 49189-01355 (TD04HL-16T), 49189-01360, 49189-01365, (TD04HL-13G), 49189-01370, 49189-01375 (TD04HL-18T), 49189-01400, 49189-01401, 49189-01410, 49189-01420, 49189-01430, 49189-01435 (TD04HL-13T), 49189-01450, 49189-01455 (TD04HL-16T-6)
1998- Volvo S70 with N2P23FT Engine
1998- Volvo XC70 with B5254T Engine
1996- Volvo 850 with N2P23FT Engine
Volvo S70, V70 T5, with B5234 Engine
1997- Volvo 850, C70 with N2P23HT Engine
1996- Volvo 850 Engine B5254T
1996- Volvo C70 I 2.4L T5 Engine B5254T
1996- Volvo S70 2.5L T5 Engine B5254T
1996- Volvo V70 2.5L T5 Engine B5254T
1998- Volvo S70, XC70 Car with B5254T2 Engine
1998- Volvo S60 T5, S70R, V70R with N2P23HTR Engine
2000- Volvo S60 with B2534 T4 Engine

1997- Volvo 850 T5 with N2P20FT Engine (49189-01400)
1996- Volvo 850 with N2P20FT, N2P20LT Engine (49189-01420)
1998~2005 Volvo C70 with B5204 T3 engine (49189-01450, 49189-01455)
Wheel Spec
Compressor Wheel : 49.6/61 mm (Performance 6+6 21TK Billet Wheel)
Turbine Wheel : 48/53mm (9 Blade TD04HLX High Flow)
0.8 Bar spring pre-installed.
Additional 1.2bar and 1.5Bar are included in box.
Turbine Housing
7cm (A/R .49) Straight Turbine Housing
Journal Bearing
Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing Kit included.
Oil & Water-Cooled
Kit Includes
1 x MAMBA Turbo
1 x 1/4” PTFE Oil Feed line with 2.5mm restrictor.
2 x 5/16” PTFE Water line
1 x 3/4” Oil Return flange
1 x SUS304 T3 Turbine Inlet Gasket
1 x SUS304 Turbine Outlet Gasket
7 x 8mm Stud Kit
Everything shown on first picture is included.
Made By
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