Heavy Duty 9-6 VOLVO S70 V70 TD04HLX-21TK Straight Turbo 400HP

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Product Information



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MAMBA 9-6 VOLVO TD04HLX-21TK-7 Heavy Duty Straight Turbocharger (400HP)



Brand New in Box.

Complete CHRA balanced by SCHENCK MBRS110 Germany.


HP Support: 350~400HP

Bolt-On upgrade turbo for VOLVO 850/S60/S70/V70/XC70/C70/T5-R B5234/T3/T4/T6, B5254T/T2, N2P20FT,N2P20LT, N2P23FT, N2P23HT, N2P25LT with factory TD04HL-13G/15G/16T/18T & Straight turbine housing.

Replace & Upgrade factory turbo #: 49189-01310, 49189-01320 (TD04HL-15G), 49189-01330, 49189-01335, 49189-01350, 49189-01355 (TD04HL-16T), 49189-01360, 49189-01365, (TD04HL-13G), 49189-01370, 49189-01375 (TD04HL-18T), 49189-01400, 49189-01401, 49189-01410, 49189-01420, 49189-01430, 49189-01435 (TD04HL-13T), 49189-01450, 49189-01455 (TD04HL-16T-6)

1998- Volvo S70 with N2P23FT Engine

1998- Volvo XC70 with B5254T Engine

1996- Volvo 850 with N2P23FT Engine

Volvo S70, V70 T5, with B5234 Engine

1997- Volvo 850, C70 with N2P23HT Engine

1996- Volvo 850 Engine B5254T

1996- Volvo C70 I 2.4L T5 Engine B5254T

1996- Volvo S70 2.5L T5 Engine B5254T

1996- Volvo V70 2.5L T5 Engine B5254T

1998- Volvo S70, XC70 Car with B5254T2 Engine

1998- Volvo S60 T5, S70R, V70R with N2P23HTR Engine

2000- Volvo S60 with B2534 T4 Engine


1997- Volvo 850 T5 with N2P20FT Engine (49189-01400)

1996- Volvo 850 with N2P20FT, N2P20LT Engine (49189-01420)

1998~2005 Volvo C70 with B5204 T3 engine (49189-01450, 49189-01455)

Wheel Spec

Compressor Wheel : 49.6/61 mm (Performance 6+6 21TK Billet Wheel)

Turbine Wheel : 48/53mm (9 Blade TD04HLX High Flow)


0.8 Bar spring pre-installed.

Additional 1.2bar and 1.5Bar are included in box.

Bearing / Cooling

Journal Bearing

Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing Kit included.

Oil & Water-Cooled



7cm (A/R .49) Straight Turbine Housing

Kit Includes

1 x MAMBA Turbo

1 x 1/4” PTFE Oil Feed line with 2.5mm restrictor.

2 x 5/16” PTFE Water line

1 x 3/4” Oil Return flange

1 x SUS304 T3 Turbine Inlet Gasket

1 x SUS304 Turbine Outlet Gasket

7 x 8mm Stud Kit

Everything shown on first picture is included.

Made By



12 Months Warranty.

Turbo or super core needs to be sent to MAMBATEK Office for inspecting and repairing job.

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