9-6 Turbo Full Repair Upgrade Kit For BMW N54 335i 535i TD03-10T w/ 9 blade TW

Item No.: 015-2004
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Product Information

015- 2004
Item Name
MAMBA Turbo Repair Kit For BMW N54 135i 335i 535i Twin Turbo TD03-10T Compressor wheel + 9 Blade High Flow Turbine Wheel + Repair kit + Flapper Kit (2 set)
Product Situation
Brand New
2006-10 BMW 335i (E90/E91/E92/E93) Engine N54B30
2006-10 BMW 135i (E82/E88) Engine N54B30
49131-07009, 49131-07008, 49131-07005, 49131-07040, 49131-07030
49131-07015, 49131-07040, 49131-07019, 49131-07018, 49131-07050
This repair kit goes with performance twin oil port thrust bearing that will keep higher oil pressure support higher top end HP.

Wheel Spec
Compressor Wheel : 35.57 / 46.00 mm (10T with Extend Tip / 6+6 Blade / Super Back)
Turbine Wheel : 34.9 / 40 mm (TD03 9 Blade Performance Upgrade High Flow)
Note: Fits stock housings

Kit Includes
2 x Turbo Repair Kit
2 x Compressor Wheel
2 x Turbine Wheel
2 x Turbo Wastegate Rattle Flapper Repair Kit
Everything shown on picture is included

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