Turbo Ball Bearing Repair Kit / Garrett GT42R GTX4294R GTX4202R

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006- 0015

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MAMBA Garrett GT42R GT45R ball bearing assembly repair kit

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Brand New


Length: 55.22mm

Ball Bearing Assemble OD: 28.19mm

OD for Shaft: 10.0mm & 10.2mm


Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing (8 Ball)

Installing shaft wheel to ball bearing is just for professional job, it needs to heat the ball bearing to

100~110 degree (Don't be over 130 degree, or ball will pump up) and cool the shaft to as low as

you can do before you push it into the ball bearing. If you didn't repair / do it before, this ball

bearing is not for you.

Garrett GT4294R, GTX4294R, GT4202R, GTX4202R, GT(X)42R

Kit Includes
5 Pcs as first picture.

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