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Turbo Turbine Wheel Garrett GT42R GTX42R GTX4294R Ball Bearing (75/82/10B)

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Product Information

012- 0109
Item Name
MAMBA Garrett GT42R GTX42R GTX4294R GTX4202R Ball Bearing Turbo Turbine Shaft Wheel (75/82/Trim 84 / 10 Blade)
Product Situation
Brand new in box
Balanced by Schenck

Replace factory GT4294R, GTX42R GTX4294R GTX4202R ball bearing turbine wheel directly without modification.
Turbo P/N: 774595-3, 800269-1, 800269-2,
Garrett Super Core P/N: 800269-5001S, 800269-5002S
Garrett CHRA P/N: 451888-11, 451888-0043, 451888-0044
Wheel’s spec & R angle for CNC job will be offered once you send request after purchase.

Wheel Spec
Inducer diameter A: 82 mm
Exducer diameter B: 75.2 mm
Ball bearing C : 10/9.7/10/10.15 mm
Compressor wheel Bore D: 8.25mm
Number of Blade : 10

713C Inconel
Kit Includes
1 x Turbine wheel
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