Turbo Gasket for SUBARU EJ20 EJ25 TD04L TD04 TD05 TD05H IHI VF30 VF35 VF37 VF39

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Product Information

Item Name
MAMBA Subaru WRX Forester GE GH GR GV turbo gasket set
Product Situation
Brand New
IHI VF40, VF46, VF52
Mitsubishi TD04L 49477-04000
VF40 USDM Subaru Legacy GT MY05~06
VF46 USDM Legacy GT MY07
VF52 2008 WRX and 2005+ Legacy GT
TD04L 49477-04000: 2009~Up WRX Impreza GT EJ255
TD04L: 49377-04000: 09~11 Forester EJ255

Kit Includes
1 x turbine inlet gasket (4 layers of 304 stainless steel)
1 x turbine outlet gasket (4 layers of 304 stainless steel)
1 x compressor outlet gasket
1 x oil return gasket
2 x oil feed banjo bolt washer
4 x coolant banjo bolt washer
Everything shown on picture included
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