Turbo Adjustable Wastegate Actuator for Chrysler Lebaron Plymouth TE04H 4448992

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023- 0239
Item Name
MAMBA piston type adjustable turbo wastegate actuator for Chrysler Lebaron Plymouth 2.2L 2.5L TE04H 4448992
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.
1988~1995 2.5L Chrysler Plymouth with 49183-02010 TE04H-13C-6 (OE #  4448992)
1989~1990 2.2L Mopar Lebaron with 49183-02010 TE04H-13C-6 (OE #  4448992)

Kit Includes

0.8 Psi spring will be pre-installed on this adjustable actuator.
Additional 0.35bar, 0.55bar, 1.2bar, 1.5bar and 1.65bar springs goes w/ box for different boost.
Factory actuator : 0.35bar

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