SUBARU WRX STI IHI RHF55 18G 68mm VF48 VF49 Turbo Cover Housing & Wheel

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MAMBA SUBARU STI IHI RHF55 RHF5HB 18G Compressor Housing + GTX 11+0 Billet Compressor Wheel (Upgrade 18G for VF30 VF34 VF36 VF37...)


Brand New In Box

Compressor Wheel balanced and ready to work


Fit VF30, VF34, VF35, VF36,  VF37, VF39, VF41, VF43, VF48, VF49, VF53 turbo  needs  higher overall height wheel

NOT for Subaru IHI RHF5HB VF22, VF23,  VF24, VF28, VF29 inquires lower overall height.

Wheel Spec

Comp. Wheel : 50.39/68 mm (GTX RHF55-18G 11 Blade Billet Wheel with  Extend tapered Tip)

Support 350~450HP

Kit Includes

1 x MAMBA RHF55 RHF5HB 18G cover machined to fit upgrade 18G wheel

1 x 18G GTX 11+0 billet compressor wheel

Everything shown on picture included

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