PTFE Turbo Oil Feed line Hose fits Cummins 8.3L 6C 3921530 3918556 ISC QSC

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Product Information

Item Name
PTFE Turbo Oil Feed line fits Cummins 8.3L 6C 3921530 ISC QSC (Komatsu Hose # 6742-01-3440, Cummins Hose #: 3921530, 3918556 )
Product Situation
Replace OE Komatsu Hose #: 6742-01-3440
Replace OE Cummins hose #: 3918556
Engine: SAA6D114E-2BB-VH

Excavators: Komatsu PC300, PC300HD, PC360
Wheel Loader: Komatsu WA380
Cummins ISC CM2150, C GAS PLUS CM556, ISL G CM2180, ISC8.3 CM2250, QSL9 CM2250, QSC8.3 CM554, ISL9 CM2250, QSL9 CM554, G8.3 CM558, QSL9 CM850, G8.3, ISL9 CM2350 L101, QSL9 G CM558, ISC CM554, L8.9, C8.3 G, ISL CM554, ISC CM850, QSL9 CM2350 L102, ISL CM2150, L GAS PLUS CM556, 6C8.3, QSC8.3 CM850, ISL9 CM2150 SN, ISL CM850, GTA8.3 CM558

Kit Includes
1 x PTFE 5/16” hose
2 x SUS304 12mm adapter fitting

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