MAMBA Reverse Heavy Duty Turbo Repair Kit / BMW S63 4.4 M5 M6 X5M X6M MGT2260

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015- 1003
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MAMBA Heavy Duty Turbo Repair Kit / Reverse Garrett MGT2260 BMW M5/M6/X5M/X6M Biturbo 4.4L S63
Product Situation
Brand New
This full repair kit goes with performance thrust bearing with 3 lubrication oil holes & larger thrust collar & spacer that supports higher top end.

It is the kit you need once you install bigger wheel for BMW S63 twin reverse turbo.
BMW V8 S63N, S63R with turbo # 7849044, 7849045, 790463-3, 790464-3, 7846918 11657846918 11657846920, 11657848113 7846920 7848113 7846918AI03, 7846919 11657846919 11657846921, 11657848114 7846921 7848114
Garrett Turbo #: 824453-0001, 824453-0002, 800075-0008 800075-8 800075-5008S 800075-0009, 800075-0011 800075-5009S 800075-5011S 800075-9, 800075-11, 800076-0008 800076-8 800076-5008S (MGT2260DSL)
BMW M5 M6 F06, F10, F12, F13, F06
BMW X5M F10 / F85
X6M F86
NOTE: NOT FOR BMW N63 Twin turbo (Gen 1) with Forward MGT2256 Turbo.

Kit Includes
1 x MAMBA Reverse Heavy Duty Turbo repair Kit (For One Turbo)
Everything shown on first picture is included.

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