MAMBA D5-7 G25-660 Ball Bearing Turbocharger .72 IWG Dual V-Band Hsg

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Item Name
MAMBA D5-7 3” G25-660 Ball Bearing turbocharger with .72 IWG Dual V-Band turbine housing
Product Situation
Brand new
Featured MAMBA D5 (5 long + 5 short, Dual 5) turbine wheel spools faster and reduce back pressure to support higher top end HP.
MAMBA 7+7 performance billet LEP compressor wheel supplies more air flow than others.
Universal use for 1.5L~3.0L gasoline engine.
Support 350~680HP
Max boost: 3.4Bar / recommend 1.5~1.8bar for daily street car.

Compressor wheel: 54.3/67.4/Trim 65/7+7 Blade/LEP Design/Forward
Turbine wheel: 49.0/54.0/84T/D5 (5+5)
Compressor housing inlet OD: 3” (76.2mm)
Compressor housing outlet OD: 2” (51mm)
Compressor housing A/R: .70
Turbine housing A/R: .72
Turbine housing flange: Dual V-Band

Ceramic dual ball bearing
Inconel cage

Oil & water-cooled
0.8bar spring is pre-installed on the adjustable actuator
Additional 1.2bar and 1.5bar spring go with box.

Kit Includes
1 x MAMBA D5-7 G25-660 ball bearing turbocharger
1 x 70cm 4AN PTFE Turbo oil feed line kit
2 x 20cm 6AN PTFE Turbo water line Kit
1 x 10AN Turbo oil return flange Kit
1 x Turbine inlet flange kit
1 x Turbine outlet flange kit
1 x Vacuum hose Kit
Everything shown in first picture is included.

Please refer to “About us”
Product needs to be sent back MAMBA for inspecting and repairing job.
Warranty will not be honored in case of damage or malfunction due to overheat, lubrication issue and bent/broken blade is not under warranty.
Replacement parts will be charged.

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