MAMBA 10-7 Heavy Duty Turbo Cartridge CHRA For Greddy Trust T78-33D 49175-00690

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Product Information

Item Name
MAMBA 10-7 Heavy Duty Greddy T78-33D Turbo Cartridge CHRA
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.
Bolt-On directly.
Heavy duty T78-33D CHRA goes with 7+7 Blade performance billet wheel, Performance thrust
bearing kit and 10 blade performance turbine wheel that will supply additional 20% airflow than
factory cast wheel & 12 blade turbine wheel to make your turbo spool faster and powerful

Wheel Spec
Compressor Wheel: 65.8/90/7+7
Turbine Wheel: 65/74/10B

Greddy / Trust T78-33D Turbo 49175-00690
Journal Bearing with heavy duty thrust bearing
Oil-cooled system
Kit Includes
1 x Turbo CHRA
1 x Core balance sheet
Everything shown on picture is included.

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