D5 (5+5) IHI RHF5 Ball Bearing Turbo Turbine Wheel VZ60 VH3 (46.5/53)

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Item Name
MAMBA D5 (5+5) IHI RHF5B VZ60 Ball Bearing Turbine Shaft Wheel (46.5/53/5+5/L+3/OE Size)
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.
Balanced by SCHENCK
Feathered MAMBATEK bolt-on upgraded and Lighter D5 (5+5) Blade turbine wheel from OE 10 Blade will reduce back pressure to support higher top end.
Fits turbo #: IHI RHF5B Ball Bearing VZ60, VH3.
Shaft Length +3mm for larger & higher billet wheel to support higher top end.
Warning: NOT FOR IHI RHF5HB with shaft OD 8.0mm

Inducer diameter A: 53.0mm
Exducer diameter B: 46.5mm

Journal Bearing C: 7.0mm
Compressor Wheel Bore D: 5.1mm
Length: 100mm
Tip Height: 9.8mm
Blade: 5+5
Weight: 157g
713C Inconel
Kit Includes
1 x Turbine wheel
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