BMW N53 325i 11537541992 11537544638 Water Hose Fitting Replacement Billet 6061

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K027- 0005
Item Name
MAMBA BMW 335i 11537541992 11537544638 OEM water hose fitting  replacement Aluminum 6061
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.
This products is an OEM replacement for the plastic fitting on BMW  PN 11537541992 and 11537544638.  It fits the N54, N53 and N52  3.0-litre motors.  This BMW PN consists of a 25mm (1.0") hose and a  plastic fitting.  This hose runs from the coolant thermostat housing  to the front of the head.  The plastic fitting on this hose is a  known weak spot in the coolant system as it commonly cracks and  leaks.  The ideal solution to the problem is to replace the fitting  with one that will never wear-out, crack or leak.  This fitting is a  direct replacement for the stock plastic fitting with no  modification to any part of the system necessary.  Simply remove the  end of the hose from the plastic fitting and then the fitting from  the head  (hose does not need to be removed from the thermostat  housing to do this).  Then install the replacement aluminum fitting  to the head and slide the hose and hose clamp over the fitting.   Fitting is machined from billet aluminum 6061 T6511. 
- N54 3.0L twin-turbo motors 335i, 335xi, 135i.
- N53 (3.0L non-turbo) 2006 - 2010 325i, 330i, 525i, 525xi,  528i, 528xi, 530i, 530xi.
- N52 X3
- N20 (2.0L turbo) Z4 2013~.
Does not fit the N55. 

If you track or race your 335i then this is a highly advisable  upgrade as this aluminum coolant fitting will not crack under  high-temperature track conditions.

Hose fitting material : Forge billet aluminum 6061
O-Ring : EPDM
Clamp: SS301

Kit Includes
1 x Billet aluminum fitting
1 x EPDM O-ring
1 x Stainless steel hose clamp.
This listing does NOT include the hose.
Everything on first picture is included

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