9-6 Heavy Duty Turbo Upgrade Wheel Repair Kit / BMW S63 M5 MGT2867 +300HP

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Product Information

015- 2502-2
Item Name
MAMBA 9-6 Heavy Duty Turbo Upgrade Wheel Kit / BMW S63 MGT2867 Billet Compressor Wheel + 9 Blade High Flow Turbine Wheel + Performance Repair kit (For Twin Turbo)
Product Situation
Brand New
Compressor wheel & turbine wheel Balanced by SCHENCK already
CHRA (complete core) is recommend to be balanced again when you assemble them all.

Upgrade Reverse Garrett MGT2260 to MGT2867 to support extreme top end HP.
Upgrade factory reverse BMW S63 M5/M6/X5M/X6M MGT2260 turbo to MGT2867 to support higher top end.
(Comp. housing & turbine housing needs to be machined / Ported to fit larger wheel)
2D drawing information will be sent to buyer’s email address once buyer request it.)

Compressor Wheel
6+6 2618 performance billet wheel
Inducer OD: 49.7 mm
Exducer OD: 67.4 mm
Nose: 12 mm
Extend Tapered Tip Exducer OD: 71.7 mm

Turbine wheel
Exducer / Inducer OD : 47/53.8 mm
9 blade high flow performance turbine wheel would reduce back pressure that would allow more horsepower at top end.
Material: 713C inconel

Kit Includes
2 x 2618 6+6 MGT2867 Billet Compressor Wheel
2 x MAMBA MGT28 9 Blade Turbine Wheel
2 x MAMBA Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing kit with 3 x oil holes & big spacer & collar.
Everything shown on first picture is included

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