7+7 4" A/R.70 Bullet AS Ball Bearing Turbocharger GTX3584R .86 T4 Divided

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Product Information

Item Name
MAMBA Universal 7+7 4” A/R.70 Bullet Anti Surge GTX3584R Ball Bearing
Turbocharger +.86 T4 Twin Scroll Turbine Housing

Product Situation
Brand New In Box
Universal Use
HP Support: 600~900 HP
Engine: 1.5~3.0L (Gasoline), 3.0~6.0L (Diesel)
Compressor wheel : 66.3mm/84.0mm/Trim 62 (7+7 GTX Billet Wheel w/ Extend Tip)
Turbine wheel : 62.0mm/68.0mm/Trim 84
Compressor Housing A/R:.70 
Compressor Inlet: 4”/101.6 mm
Compressor Outlet: 2.5”/63.5 mm
Turbine Housing A/R :.86

Turbine Inlet: T4 Twin Scroll Inlet
Turbine Outlet: 3” V-Band
Wastegate: External Wastegated (EWG)
NTN Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing
Oil and Water-Cooled
Kit Includes
1 x MAMBA Turbocharger
1 x 4AN 70cm Str-90D Oil Feed Line Kit with 1mm Restrictor
2 x 6AN 25cm Water Line Kit
1 x 3/4” Turbo Oil Return Flange Kit
1 x T4 Turbine Inlet Gasket
4 x M10x1.25 Stud Kit with copper-coated nut
1 x 3” V-Band Flange adapter
1 x VSR balance sheet for the CHRA.
Everything shown on picture is included
Please refer to “About me”

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