12-11 GTX Billet Turbo TD04L-15T ISUZU 4JG2T Replace IHI RHF5 + 45% Torque

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Discount price-Journal Bearing Turbo Insurance

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MAMBA Journal Bearing Turbo Insurance
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Product Information

Item Name
MAMBA 12-11 GTX ISUZU 4JG2T TD04L-15T upgrade turbocharger / Replace IHI  RHF5 +45% torque
Product Situation
Brand New
Complete CHRA balanced by SCHENCK MBRS110 Germany
ISUZU 4JG2T 3.1L diesel engine.
This turbo could fit many ISUZU / MAZDA ...engine if you rotate the housing, we could custom make and rotate it for you once you offer stock turbo picture.
Comp. Wheel : 42.0 / 56.0 mm (11+0 GTX Billet Wheel w/ Extend Tip)
Turbine Wheel: 41.2 / 46.8 mm (12 Blade)
Comp. Housing
Compressor Housing Inlet OD: 2.35" / 60mm
Compressor Housing Outlet OD: 2” / 50 mm
Turbine Housing
Turbine Housing : 6cm (A/R .41)
Turbine Inlet Flange : Standard RHF4H / RHF5
Turbine Outlet Flange : Standard 4 bolt RHF4H RHF5 RHB5.
0.8bar spring pre-installed on the adjustable actuator.
1.2bar and 1.5bar spring will go with box.
Journal Bearing
Performance Thrust Bearing Kit included
Oil and Water-Cooled
Kit Includes
1 x 70cm 4AN 1/4" braided steel PTFE Oil Feed Line Kit w/ oil filter and 1.8mm Restrictor
2 x 25cm 4AN 5/16" braided steel PTFE water feed / return line kit
1 x Turbo Oil Return hose Kit
1 x Turbine Inlet Gasket
1 x Turbine outlet Gasket
8 x 8mm Stud Kit with copper-coated nut
3 x Adjustable Actuator Springs
1 x CHRA Schenck Balance Sheet
Everything shown on picture included
Made By
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