Upgrade Fee 19~ Ford Focus MK4 N3D3 2.3L KX7E-9G438-AC B03G Extreme B03GX-5467 Turbocharger

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Product Information

Item Name
Upgrade Fee 19~ Ford Focus MK4 N3D3 2.3L KX7E-9G438-AC B03G Extreme B03GX-5467 Turbocharger
Product Situation
Upgraded from customer’s turbocharger.                        
Balanced and ready for competition.
Support 360~480HP
Max boost: 2.3Bar / recommend 1.5 bar for daily street car.

19~ Ford Focus ST MK4 2.3L N3DA with KX7E-9G438-AA, KX7E-9G438-AC B03G turbocharger.
Compressor wheel: 53.9/67.0/64T/6+6 Blade/Reverse
Turbine wheel: 53.0/59.0/80T/9 Blade/Reverse

Journal bearing                                                   
Performance thrust bearing kit
Oil & water-cooled
Kit Includes
1 x Billet wheel                                                          
1 x Turbine wheel                                                         
1 x Heavy duty repair kit                                                     
1 x CNC turbine housing porting                                                  
1 x CNC compressor housing porting                                            
1 x Cartridge VSR balanced                                                     
1 x Turbo assembled                                                                        
NOTE:   We need your used or new turbo to do the porting and upgrading job.
Please refer to “About us”                                                                   
Product needs to be send it back to MAMBA for inspecting and repairing job.                                                        
Warranty will not be honored in case of damage or malfunction due to overheat, lubrication issue and bent/broken blade is not under warranty.            
Replacement parts will be charged.

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