SUS310 V-Band Turbo Turbine Housing A/R .86 GT/GTX30R (55/60/84T) Ball Bearing

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013- 1601
Item Name
MAMBA Garrett HKS GT30R GTX3071R GT3076R GTX3076R 55/60mm A/R.86 V-Band Inlet & Outlet Turbine Housing
Product Situation
Brand New in Box.
MAMBA / Garrett GTX3071R, GT3076R GTX3076R Gen I & II Ball Bearing Turbo w/ 55/60mm Turbine Wheel
Note: These Housings will not work with the 700177-23 GT3071R CHRA, The Heat Shield is different, you must use the 700177-22 CHRA

Kit Includes
1 x MAMBA SUS310 A/R.86 GT(X)30R Turbine Housing
1 x SUS304 Turbine Inlet Flange Adapter Ring
1 x SUS304 Turbine Outlet Flange Adapter Ring
1 x SUS304 Clamp
1 x SUS304 Clamp
Everything shown on first picture is included

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