SUS304 4AN Turbo Vanos Oil Feed Fitting For BMW Turbocharged Supercharged M3 TW

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MAMBA SUS304 4AN Banjo Bolt kit For BMW Turbo Vanos Oil Supply Fitting
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Brand New in box.
If you wanna turbocharge or supercharge a BMW, it is the part to feed the charger with oil for you.
Simply replace the vanos banjo bolt with this custom banjo bolt with 4AN fitting on the end and attach your -4 oil feed line for your turbo.  It's that simple. This part saves the time and hassle of drilling your vanos bolt and tapping with 1/8 NPT threads so you can screw in a 4 AN adapter.  It turns a one hour job into a 3 minute job.
Fits BMW E12, E21, E23, E24, E28, E3, E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46 (non M3), E53, E60, E60N, E61, E62, E63, E64N, E65, E66, E70, E83, E85, and Z3 cars.
Note: Nearly every BMW uses the factory banjo bolt with part number 32-41-6-783-886 & 31-41-6-852-469 (32416783886, 32416852469).  Any BMW that uses that banjo bolt can use this fitting as their turbo oil feed.

Kit Includes
1 x SUS304 M14x1.5 to 4AN Banjo Bolt. (Stainless Steel SUS304)
2 x 14mm Copper Washer
Everything shown on first picture is included.

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