MAMBA Pair D5 Turbine Wheel Fits BMW M5/M6 S63 Garrett MGT22-4955 (49/55/+5mm)

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MAMBA D5 turbine shaft wheel fits BMW S63 M5/M6 MGT22-4955 (49/55/5+5/REV/+5mm/2pcs)
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Feathered MAMBA D5 (5+5) turbine shaft wheel makes your turbo spool fast and reduce back pressure to support higher top end HP.
This (49/55) turbine wheel goes with +5mm bigger diameter to support higher top end HP once user installs bigger compressor wheel.
Fits BMW S63 turbo #: 800075-0006/8/9/11, 7846918A103, 11657848113, 11657846920, 11657846918, 11657843861.
Fits BMW engine: BMW M5 (F10), M6 (F12/F13/F06)

Inducer diameter A: 55mm
Exducer diameter B: 49mm
Tip C: 10.5mm
Shaft diameter D: 7.88mm
Shaft diameter E: 5.08mm
Shaft length G: 42.4mm
Shaft length I: 56.6mm

Kit Includes
2 x Turbine wheel
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