D5 (5+5) Twin Turbine Wheel For Porsche Panamera 2.9L 971 (45/50/InD+7/ExD+5.8)

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012- 0393
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MAMBA D5 (5+5) Twin Turbine Shaft Wheel For AUDI Porsche 2.9 TFSI Bi-Turbo BorgWarner (44.5/50/5+5/L+3/Twin Ring/InD+7mm/ExD+5.8mm)

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Brand New in Box.
Balanced by SCHENCK

Feathered MAMBA D5 (5 Long + 5 Short Blade, Dual 5) turbine wheel spools faster and reduces back pressure to support higher top end HP.
This bigger turbine wheel allows turbo to install larger compressor wheel to support more power.
Fits VAG OE #: 06M145702N, 06M145702T, 06M145702L, 06M145701N, 06M145701T, PAC145701
Fits BorgWarner Turbo #: 53039700532, 53039700641, 53039700665, 53039700766, 53039700768, 53039700531, 53039700640,  53039700664, 53039700767, 53039700769,
Fits Vehicles:
16~19 Audi RS4 RS5 A4 A5 2.9 Bi-Turbo TFSI DECA 320kW
19~ Porsche Panamera Cayenne 2.9 4S (971) CSZA 9YO 320kW
Notes: 2D drawing will be emailed to you after you pay once you request it.

Turbine housing porting job is required to fit both bigger turbine wheels.

Wheel Spec
Inducer diameter A: 50.0mm
Exducer diameter B: 44.5mm
Journal Bearing C: 7.0mm
Compressor Wheel Bore D: 4.61mm
Blades: 5+5
Length: 101.5 mm
Tip Height: 8mm
Weight: 149 g

713C Inconel
Kit Includes
1 x Forward turbine wheel
1 x Reverse turbine wheel

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