D5 (5+5) Turbo Turbine Wheel Fits GEN I/II Garrett GT35R GTX35R (62/68/FWD)

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Item Name
MAMBA D5 (5+5) turbine wheel For Garrett GEN I&II GT35R GTX35R (62/68/84T/FWD)
Product Situation
Brand new
Balanced and ready to work
Feathered MAMBA D5 (5 Long + 5 Short Blade, Dual 5) turbine wheel spools faster and reduces back pressure to support higher top end HP.
Bolt-on replacement turbine wheel.
Fits Garrett GEN I & II GT3576R, GT3582R, GTX3576R, GTX3582R forward turbo.

Fits Garrett turbo #: 856801-5043S, 856801-5044S, 856801-5045S, 856801-5046S, 856801-5047S, 856801-5048S, 856801-5049S, 856801-5050S, 856801-5051S, 856801-5052S, 856801-5053S, 856801-5054S, 856801-5055S, 856801-5056S, 856801-5057S, 856801-5058S, 856801-5059S, 856801-5060S, 856801-5061S, 856801-5062S, 856801-5063S, 856801-5064S, 856801-5065S, 856801-5066S, 856801-5067S, 856801-5068S, 856801-5069S, 856801-5070S, 856801-5071S, 856801-5072S, 856801-5073S, 856801-5074S, 856801-5075S, 856801-5076S, 856801-5077S, 856801-5078S, 856801-5079S, 856801-5080S, 856801-5081S,

Fits Garrett super core: 803714-5001S, 803715-5001S, 836047-5001S, 836047-5001S, 836047-5002S, 851154-5003S, 836047-5002S, 851154-5004S, 851154-5003S, 851154-5004S,

Fits Garrett CHRA: 706451-5035S, 706451-5034S, 836019-5001S, 836019-5002S, 836019-5003S, 836019-5004S,
2D drawing will be emailed to you after you pay once you request it.

Not for forward GTX3584RS turbo.

Exducer diameter A: 68.0mm
Inducer diameter B: 62.0mm
Tip C: 13.3mm
Shaft diameter D: 8.8/8.4/8.0mm
Shaft diameter E: 6.35mm
Shaft length G: 63.7mm
Shaft length I: 48mm
Blade: 10 (5+5)
Rotation: Forward
Weight: 290g

Kit Includes
1 x Turbine wheel
Please refer to “About me”

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