D5 (5+5) Turbine Wheel Fits Holset HE400VG HE451VE Cummins ISLE 2840238 (67/72)

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MAMBA D5 (5+5) turbine wheel Fits Holset HX400VG HE400VG HE451VE (67/72/5+5/Forward/Bolt-on Upgrade/OE# 2840238)
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Feathered MAMBA D5 (5 Long + 5 Short Blade, Dual 5) turbine wheel spools faster and reduces back pressure to support higher top end HP.
Bolt-on upgraded turbine wheel.
Fits and replaces turbine wheel: 2840238
Fits Holset turbo #: HE451VE 2841944, 3769714, 3769715, 2841945, 2881973.
Fits Cummins ISLE 6 CYL Euro 4.
2D drawing will be emailed to you after you pay once you request it.

Inducer diameter A: 72.0mm
Exducer diameter B: 67.0mm
Tip C: 8.5mm
Shaft diameter D: 11.0mm
Shaft diameter E: 7.0mm
Shaft length G: 92.3mm
Shaft length I: 71.3mm
Blade: 5+5
Rotation: Forward
Material: 713C

Kit Includes
1 x Turbine wheel
Please refer to “About us”
Warranty will not be honored in case of damage or malfunction due to overheat, lubrication issue and bent/broken blade is not under warranty.

Replacement parts will be charged.

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