Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Actuator / AUDI VW 1.8T Tranverse K04-001 53049500001

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MAMBA AUDI VW SKODA 1.8T K03-011 K03-035 K03-044 K03-052 K03-053 K03-058 Adjustable Piston Turbo Adjustable Actuator (Transverse)


- 1.8T AUDI VW SKODA  with transverse engine AUQ,

- 02~04 Golf 1.8T AUQ  180HP 06A145713F 53039700052 Turbo

- 06~ Jetta 1.8LP with  180HP 06A145713F 53039700052 Turbo

- 01~01 Bora 150HP AVC  / AWU with 06A145704L 53039700044 turbo

- 01~05 Bora 150HP with  AGU / AUQ with 06A145704 53039700011 turbo

- 02~05 Bora 150HP with  AVC / AWU with 06A145713B 53039700058 turbo

- 96~00 Audi A3 220HP  upgrade with 53049500001

- 96~03 A3 1.8T 150HP  with AGU ARZ ARX AUM 20 Valve 06A145713J 53039700011 turbo

- 99~02 A3 1.8T Quattro  180HP with 06A145713F 53039700052 turbo

- 99~05 Skoda Octavia  1.8T 150HP with AGU ARX ARZ AUM 53039700011 53039700058

 06A145704 06A145713M  turbo

- 01~05 Skoda Octavia  VRS 180HP with AUQ 06A145713F 53039700052 turbo


- 0.8bar spring will be installed on this adjustable actuator.

- Additional 1.2bar and 1.5bar springs will go with shipment and  buyer can change it easily.


- Brand New

- Stage II VITON Piston Type Actuator.

Kit includes

Everything shown on first picture.

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