9 Blade Turbo Turbine Shaft Wheel Fits BorgWarner K04 (50/57/Single P. Ring/FWD)

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Product Information

Item Name
MAMBA 9 blade Borgwarner K04 upgrade turbine wheel (50/57/9 Blade/Single piston ring)
Product Situation
Brand new
This customized K04 (50/57) upgraded turbine wheel allows user to install bigger compressor wheel to support higher top end hp.
turbine housing porting job is required.
Please double check your turbine housing goes with enough space to do the porting job before ordering.

Exducer diameter A: 57.0mm
Inducer diameter B: 50.0mm 

Tip C: 9.24mm                                                        
Shaft diameter D: 7.0mm                                                     
Shaft diameter E: 4.6mm                                                      
Shaft length G: 50.2mm                                                             
Shaft length I: 48.3mm                                                    
Weight: 134g
Kit Includes
1 x Turbine wheel
Please refer to “About me”

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