9-11 Upgrade Mitsubishi 4M40T 2.8L Delica Pajero TD04L-15T Turbo

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Product Information



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MAMBA 9-11 GTX Mitsubishi 4M40T 2.8L Diesel Delica Pajero Performance TD04L-15T Turbocharger with 5cm turbine housing


Mitsubishi 4M40T 2.8L diesel Pajero Delica with 49135-031xx, 49377-030xx


TD04-12T oil-cooled turbo 49377-03000, 49377-03010, 49377-03020, 49377-03030, 49377-03031, 49377-03033, 49377-03040, 49377-03041, 49377-03043, 49377-03050, 49377-03051, 49377-03053


TF035HM-12T oil & water-cooled turbo : 49135-03100, 49135-03101, 49135-03110, 49135-03111, 49135-03112, 49135-03120, 49135-03130

Compressor wheel


Inducer OD 41.93mm


Exducer 55.69mm


Extend tapered tip 59.97 mm


GTX 11+0 blade performance billet wheel (Saab 9-3/9-5 Aero TD04HL-15T wheel)


Turbine wheel

Inducer 46.8mm / Exducer 41.2mm (TD04L 9 Blade High Flow Turbine Wheel)

Turbine Housing



This turbo goes with oil and water-cooling bearing housing that would fit original oil-cooled

turbo such as 49135-03100, 49135-03101, 49135-03110, 49135-03111, 49135-03112,

49135-03120, 49135-03130


This turbo will still work well without water to cool bearing housing.


0.8bar spring pre-installed on adjustable actuator.

1.2bar and 1.5bar spring included and buyer can change it easily.

Kit Includes


1 x MAMBA GTX TD04L-15T-5 performance turbo.

3 x actuator spring

1 x Turbine inlet gasket

1 x turbine outlet gasket

1 x M10x1.25mm oil feed banjo bolt kit with 1.8mm restrictor

2 x M12x1.25 water hole plug with washer

2 x M12x1.25 banjo bolt with washer

1 x oil return gasket

1 x core balance sheet (Balanced by Schenck MBRS 110)

Everything shown on picture is included




One Year

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