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3" Performance Turbo Inlet Intake Silicon Hose For 15~19 Subaru FA20 WRX

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MAMBA 2015~2019 3” Subaru FA20 WRX Turbo Inlet Silicon Hose
Product Situation
Brand new
2015~2019 Subaru WRX with FA20 Engine.
The original plastic intake manifold constantly flexes normal  driving conditions. Over time, the flange will compress and deform  causing vacuum leaks at the turbo. This leads to dangerous engine  conditions and check engine light. This 3” bigger hose with MAMBA  CNC T6 billet flange remedies this for your turbo intake system.  This eliminates the potential for vacuum leaks while increasing  performance.
The factory 2.6” Subaru turbo inlet hose is smaller than the inlet  of the turbo, causing an unnecessary restriction for the turbo  intake system. The CNC T6 billet flange has a built-in velocity  stack which perfectly matches the turbo inlet, allowing for smoother  and unrestricted air flow to the turbo.
MAMBA 3” ID Hose allows greater amount of airflow to smoothly  enter your engine without restriction. This larger diameter will  easily support all bolt on modification and increased boost levels.

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