MAMBATEK CO., LTD. from Taiwan was established in 2014, and has been helping customers around the world to modify and upgrade turbines for many years, ranging from motorcycles, passenger cars, and racing cars to trucks, agricultural machinery, tanks, and drones. We have accumulated many years of rich experience, plus Taiwan is an important center of precision casting, CNC equipment, and precision machining in the world. MAMBATEK integrates all resources to produce precision and high-performance turbochargers and parts.


   Our turbine product line is rich and complete, and we can design and match the most suitable turbine blades and casings for our customers for different purposes. All MAMBA turbines, whether they are journal-bearing or ball-bearing turbos, go through our strict flow and VSR test, and the quality is trustworthy. In addition, we provide customers with high-quality accessories parts such as oil and water hoses, gaskets, joints, and studs, which make our turbines easier to install.


   MAMBA customers come from more than 70 countries around the world. Every day through online sales and physical channels, we surpass ourselves every day. Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us, we will be your trusted partner.



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